Polar Bear Drama - Eyewitness Account

For Blimper the Elf it was just an ordinary day in the wrapping hall, until, that is a polar bear named Victor strolled in a started throwing all the presents around…

“I was just minding my own business,” said Blimper, “trying to decide whether to use a gold or silver bow on a rocking horse I was wrapping, when a blinking polar bear appeared outta nowhere and started causing mayhem. Throwing all the presents around he was and roaring his head off.”

The polar bear is believed to have been suffering from a bad case of snow blindness when he accidentally took a wrong turning, heading directly for Present Headquarters.

“Course I felt sorry for the chap,” continued Blimper, “but you should have seen the size of those claws of his. He was literally inches away from shaving off me beard!”

For all the North Pole antics, and to find out what happened next, read Father Christmas's 2015 letter...

With love from all the Elves at Polar Post x 


Charlotte Wood
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