How it Works


POLAR POST sends letters to and from Father Christmas at the North Pole with the aid of a little Christmas magic. 


Visit the elves at to purchase your stationery set including letterhead, addressed envelope to the North Pole and First Class stamp.

Write your letter to Father Christmas. Get out the glitter, put on some carols, make a mug of hot chocolate, and write that all-important list!

Children leave their letters out for Father Christmas when they go to bed. This can be beside the fireplace, on top of the Christmas tree, on a bedside table, anywhere that feels suitably magical.

In the morning the letter will have vanished, whisked off to the North Pole.

N.B. The elves suggest parents find a VERY safe hiding place for letters so that they may be kept for posterity. (Give it twenty years or so and you could find yourself with some very useful material for weddings, parties etc….)


Fill in your child’s name, age, address and what they would like for Christmas at You can view a sample letter online.

Father Christmas will then write his letter and the elves will address it.

The letter will arrive in the post inside a brown cardboard envelope marked THIS IS AN ORDINARY PARCEL. Obviously it’s anything but.

Leave the letter in a place of your choice for it to be found by your child.

Watch their faces light up.

N.B. Blank stationery can be purchased online if parents would rather write their own letters.

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