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Letter To Father Christmas

We don’t have a chimney or fireplace and my child is worried that his letter won’t go to the North Pole.
Whilst chimneys and fireplaces are lovely things, Christmas magic certainly doesn’t rely on them. Your child can place his letter wherever he likes; windowsill, bedside table, on top of the Christmas tree, the possibilities are endless…

My child has left her letter by the fireplace – now what do I do with it?
Polar Post firmly believes that the letters children write to Father Christmas deserve to be kept and treasured. The safest place for them is with you, so please do NOT put letters in the post. The elves suggest that once your little one is safely tucked up in bed, you whisk the letter away and find a really, really good hiding place for it.

What explanation should I give as to how the letter has gone to the North Pole?
The elves encourage you to use whatever story you like best. All families have their own traditions; some say the North Polar Wind sweeps up the letters and takes them to The Polar Post Office. Others agree that there are some extremely helpful birds out there, particularly robins and owls, who like to make themselves useful at this time of year.

The letter is addressed to Father Christmas, but we call him Santa at home.
Father Christmas, Santa, St Nick, Père Noël, how many names can one man have? Quite a few it would seem. But the good news is he likes them all just the same. If he is Santa in your family then long may he be Santa!


Letter From Father Christmas

In what way is the letter personalised?
Father Christmas will address your child by name, and in the letter he will mention details about them such as where they live and what they would like for Christmas.

I’d like to add a little note of my own to the letter, can I do this?
Of course! When the letter arrives it is stuck down with a glue dot so it is very easy to reopen.

Is the letter handwritten?
Great care has been taken to ensure that the letter looks handwritten, however the letters are actually printed. The envelopes are all hand-written in calligraphic style.

What do the elves use to address the envelopes?
The elves are pretty old-school and insist on using pen and ink, most commonly with a “Post Office” nib, embellished with liquid gold.

I’d like to write my own letter to my child, can I buy the blank stationery?
Absolutely. The elves understand that sometimes you want to write your own message so there is an option for parents to buy the stationery blank and write their own letters. N.B. If you select this option the envelope will still come stamped and franked. 

I’d like to write my own letter, but I’d still like to have the envelope hand-addressed by the elves, is this possible?
Yes, this is perfectly possible. Please email the elves directly at to arrange details and payment.

I’d like to write something a bit more personal to my child in the letter, can you arrange this?
At present we are unable to accommodate additional requests. However, there is always the option of buying the blank stationery.

Will the letter from Father Christmas arrive with the rest of our post?
No. The Polar Post Office works completely independently of any other post office in the world. Your finished letter will arrive enclosed in a cardboard envelope via Royal Mail. This then gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you’d like in choosing how to present the letter to your child.

I am worried my child is going to intercept the letter when it arrives and spoil the surprise.
Children are understandably on high alert when it comes to Father Christmas, so rather than scrawl POLAR POST all over our packaging, we have opted to print the following words:


Obviously it’s anything but, however this way you’ll know, but they won’t.

What address should I give?
It’s very important to think through when you wish to give the letter and where you will be when your child receives it. Want to give them the letter on Christmas morning and you are spending the holidays at your Aunty Pam’s? Then Aunty Pam’s is the address to go for.

Do I have to use our literal address or can I jazz it up a little?
You can write whatever you would like on the envelope. Go mad. Think like an elf. Our only request is the address is no longer than five lines and that each line has no more than four words in it. For more inspiration follow us on Instagram @polarpost #polarpost

Where should I leave the letter?
Anywhere that feels suitably magical! We’d love to see where your letter ends up so do send us a pic to or if you are using Instagram please feel free to include us with

There’s a spelling mistake in my address, what should I do?
Oh dear, some poor elf has clearly had a little too much holly-berry brew for which we can only apologise. He will get a stern ticking-off. In the meantime please email us immediately at and we will replace your letter as quickly as possible.


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