Writing Your Letter to Santa - Top Tips From Geoffrey The Elf

Geoffrey The Elf, Postmaster of the Polar Post Office shares his letter writing tips ahead of National Letter Writing Day on 1st September 2016…
Penning the perfect letter is no easy task. From politeness and etiquette to turning your letter into a work of art, the letter-writing experts at Polar Post are here to help with some handy hints…

1. The early bird catches the worm…

Do you have your heart set on a scooter for Christmas this year? The thing about scooters and indeed all presents is that they have to be made by the elves in Santa’s workshop. Granted the elves’ ability to craft a thousand scooters in under half an hour is legendary, but making toys takes time and here at the North Pole we never seem to have enough time. So my advice – get your thinking caps on nice and early and send us your letters as soon as you can. That way, we still get to have a tea break come mid-December.

2. Set the scene…

Make sure you are comfortable when you sit down to write your letter – get out of that scratchy school uniform and into some pyjamas, if they are Christmas pyjamas so much the better. Ask your parents to make you a delicious hot chocolate (with marshmallows), some gingerbread would be good too. Then pop on some Christmas carols and away you go.

3. Put pen to paper…

Make sure you have your special writing paper from Polar Post, including the envelope with Santa’s secret address on it.

4. Remember your Ps & Qs…

Santa is a big stickler for politeness – a simple, “thank you for my presents last year” will go a long way (think potentially more presents this year).

5. And on the subject of presents… 

Do have your list ready. Hopefully this is the easy bit.

 6. Get creative…

There’s nothing Santa loves more than to see your drawings, each is a little work of art as far as he’s concerned. So find your colouring crayons, get out the glitter and draw us a picture of Rudolph (he absolutely loves seeing drawings of himself).

7. And send…

Remember to sign your letter otherwise Father Christmas won’t know who it is from. Then pop it in your envelope and fix this year’s First Class stamp to the front of the envelope. When you go to bed leave your letter by your fireplace. Don’t panic if you don’t have a fireplace. A bedside table or windowsill will do nicely. No need to worry about your letter getting lost as the envelope is engraved with Father Christmas’s secret address (remember to keep this strictly hush hush).

8. Believe…

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but this is the magic ingredient in every letter.

In the morning, your letter will have vanished and will be winging its way to me and the elves here at the Polar Post Office. I will then personally deliver it into the hands of Father Christmas himself.

Happy Writing!


Charlotte Wood
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Can You Keep A Secret?


For centuries the world’s greatest explorers have tried to discover the secret address of Santa’s Grotto. Like all great secrets this one deserves to be kept, so read this address by all means, marvel at it even, but make sure you keep it to yourselves.

The elves are counting on you.

With love from all the elves at Polar Post xx

Charlotte Wood
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Elves at The Polar Post Office Launch 2015 Stamp!

Ninety-one days until Christmas Eve, and excitement is building at the Polar Post Office. The first flakes of snow are falling at the North Pole and there is a definite whiff of Christmas in the air. Store cupboards have been stocked and the elves at Polar Post are beginning to brace themselves for the flurry of letters that will soon be brought in from children all over the world.  

No wonder this is the date then that Geoffrey the Elf, Postmaster-in-Chief, has chosen to unveil the 2015 Christmas stamp. This year's design was presented to Father Christmas last night, and sources close to him have revealed that he is thrilled with the final result. 

And who can blame him? The First Class stamp features Sir Bastian, the North Pole's one and only penguin. Known to all at the North Pole as the most loveable of creatures, Sir Bastian said it was his great honour to have had his portrait taken by Drafts-Elf J. Russell Flint.

He did however, say that he wasn't in a hurry to wear a holly wreath again. Apparently it tickled his neck feathers something terrible... 

With much love from all of the elves at Polar Post xx

Charlotte Wood
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