When the children showed us the meaning of spirit

Our Letters

Each of our letters here at Polar Post is unique, written by Father Christmas and hand-addressed by one of our team of elves. We are big believers at Polar Post. Believers in magic, believers in doing things the old-fashioned way. With everything we do, be it our rosettes, hampers or sweeties, we aim to tell a story, to bring the North Pole to life for children so that they can hold it in their hands and know it in their hearts.

A Time for Magic

In a year unlike any other, when some of the biggest things were asked of the smallest people, some things remain the same. We, your friends at the North Pole are still here, keeping our watchful eye on you all. And when you stayed at home, we left ours.  Armed with teddy bears and emergency rations of chocolate biscuits, we set out from the North Pole and we found ways to be with you. When you needed a hand held or an adventure imagined, we were there, sat right beside you. You may not have seen us. You may never see us, but I promise we were there. We always will be.

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