The Believe Letter with Magic Address


N.B. We are confident that letters will arrive in time for Christmas but they will not be leaving The Polar Post Office until shortly before Christmas. We are unable to make exceptions at this time. 

Every child has that moment when they wonder if Father Christmas really exists. Their head may be teeming with unanswered questions; how does he deliver all those presents in just one night? Do reindeer really fly? How does he get into our house when we don't have a chimney?

In this letter Father Christmas answers those questions directly, talking openly and honestly about life at the North Pole and the importance of believing. 

This envelope has been engraved with the most magical of addresses and then hand-stamped and franked. Gold foil daubs have been added for a little extra enchantment. 

The finishing touch is given when the elves emboss the letter with the one word that every child wants to hear in the build-up to Christmas – that they have been NICE.

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