Christmas Morning Letter with Magic Address


N.B. We are confident that letters will arrive in time for Christmas but they will not be leaving The Polar Post Office until shortly before Christmas. We are unable to make exceptions at this time. 

 "Items that are made at the North Pole almost always have magical properties but, unfortunately, there is no way of telling what that magic might do once it leaves the North Pole. I left a sock behind one Christmas Eve and there were reports of a child finding an entire colony of penguins in his bedroom the next morning!" 

What could be more magical than seeing a letter from Santa sitting alongside your stocking on Christmas Morning?

This letter is brimming with tales of Father Christmas's adventures on his long journey from the North Pole and given the personal touch with the inclusion of details relating to each child. This year Father Christmas talks about how he has lost a button from his jacket!

Slipped inside this letter will be a ticket stub invitation to the lighting of the tree...

This envelope is engraved with the most magical address that has been lovingly scribed by Astrid the Elf and then die-stamped onto the envelope by one of the oldest presses in the land giving it a beautiful ornate feel.

The envelope has been hand-stamped and franked, embossed with the word NICE, and gold foil daubs have been added for a little extra enchantment.

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