The Polar Post - Christmas 2023


The Polar Post is the North Pole's daily and much-loved newspaper. It has an average circulation of 38,291 elves per day. Reindeer have occasionally been known to munch on a copy and it is said that Father Christmas always carries a copy on Christmas Eve in case of a wrapping emergency...

Volume No 1555 of The Polar Post includes all the usual columns and silliness that you have come to expect including the results of this year's Best Toy Invention Competition, the weather forecast for Christmas Eve, your questions to Santa answered and the news you've all been waiting for, which reindeer will lead the herd on Christmas Eve. 

Fresh off the printing press at the North Pole in traditional broadsheet size. 

Every letter comes with a complimentary copy of The Polar Post and additional copies are available to buy here. 

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