The Father Christmas Letter 2023


N.B. We are confident that letters will arrive in time for Christmas but they will not be leaving The Polar Post Office until shortly before Christmas. We are unable to make exceptions at this time. 

"Together we built the North Pole, and made it what it is today. A place that celebrates childhood and guards its magic. A place where every child will always belong. Because even in a place like this, where the impossible happens right in front of you, I can honestly say that the greatest magic doesn’t lie in those things, it lies in you."

The Father Christmas letter is the perfect letter to give in the build-up to Christmas to heighten those excitement levels. 

This year Father Christmas tells children about the importance of the ancient ceremony of lighting the tree in Toboggan Square and about how he and The Magic Twelve came to build the North Pole.

Slipped inside this letter will be a ticket stub invitation to the lighting of the tree...

Letters are signed by Father Christmas, then hand-addressed, stamped, and franked by the elves. The finishing touch is added when the elves emboss the letter with the one word that every child wants to hear in the build-up to Christmas – that they have been NICE. 

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