A magical trip to Lapland requires a magical invite from the man himself! The latest letter in the Polar Post collection, children will be amazed to see that Father Christmas has taken the time to write and invite them to see him at his home in Lapland. 

Written on Santa's official notepaper, with the Christmas coat of arms at the top, envelopes will be addressed in calligraphic hand by the elves, franked with the North Pole seal and embossed with the word NICE. 

SPECIAL NOTICE FROM GEOFFREY ELF - please read before ordering: 
Dear Gift Giver,  
We held the Scribe Olympics at the North Pole in February and 3 elves were victorious in their categories; looping, slanting and italics. These 3 champions have been rigorously training for the last 9 months perfecting your little ones letters. 
Please note that for 2018 you could get one of these 3 special handwriting styles. We feel all are in keeping with our Polar Post style and most importantly all have been approved by the Big Man!
We hope you understand that we are unable to take request for a specific style. 
All the very best


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