The Magic Child

Every child has magic inside them and our greatest wish this Christmas is to ensure as many children as possible know just how special and important they are.

We have created thousands of special letters from Father Christmas and donated them to many charities, hospitals and refuges so that we can spread our magic a little further. But it doesn't stop there. We have also created the letter as a magical download, perfect for schools to use in assembly or in a quiet moment when a little comfort is needed. Frankly, it's made for anyone who needs to hear its message this year. Hopefully together we can make sure every child knows Father Christmas will never stop seeing the magic inside of them.

Below you will find two versions of the letter, each with a slightly different end message in the hope whatever your situation you will find a letter to suit. 

Download Letter

Download Letter

"You see all children are born with magic inside them. It's there in your little fingers and toes; it's there as you learn how to walk and to jump; it's there in the games that you play and the place you imagine. It lives inside you and those who know about such things can see it pouring out of you like sunshine on a summer's day."
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