Twelve by Father Christmas, illustrated by Claire Fletcher


Twelve is the story of a boy who feels lost and alone in the world. Over the course of twelve days the boys meets a series of different creatures, some from from the natural world, others from the world of magic. Each teaches him something, gently reminding him what it is to be a child and showing him a world of magic. 

By the twelfth day, which is Christmas Eve, the boy knows at last what it is to believe and together with The Magic Twelve he creates a world where every child is celebrated and magic is cherished. 

Claire Fletcher is renowned for her whimsical and magical style. Little wonder Father Christmas enlisted her help in creating this very special book. Her illustrations pull children and adults alike into a world where penguins and polar bears walk by our side. 

Suitable for ages 0-101 years old. 

Published by Tiddlywinks the Elf. Printed at The North Pole.

Hardback, 32 pages, dimensions 139 x 171mm


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