The Brilliant Bear Brigade™ Pin Badge


Would you like to know a secret? When you were born into the world we received the happy news here at The North Pole and then your name was carefully inscribed onto Father Christmas's list of children. However, something else happened here when a baby is born, something we ave never spoken of before. You were also put into one of the ancient North Pole Houses. There are three houses: The Secret Penguin Society™, The Brilliant Bears Brigade™ and The League of Rather Remarkable Reindeer™. Which house you belong to depends on what sort of person you, which is difficult to know when you're a baby unless of course you're name happens to be Father Christmas... 

If you're here then you must be a Brilliant Bear! Your house motto is Always by your side. Bears known to be quietly courageous, kind and trustworthy. They dream of magic and are always  ready to go on an adventure, especially if there is chocolate at the end of it...

This beautiful enamel pin badge comes attached to a presentation postcard along with a little letter explaining about the Polar Houses. 

Measures 4cm and is attached via two metal clasps at the back. 

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