The Father Christmas letter is the perfect letter to give in the build-up to Christmas to really heighten those excitement levels...

Ever wondered how Father Christmas manages to deliver presents to all the children in the world in just one night? Well the truth is he nearly didn't make it last year... A small hole in the sack led to one of Father Christmas's biggest adventures yet. Thank goodness for the help of animals from The Magic Hedgerow, who helped save the day! 

*Addresses don't have to be literal - feel free to hit the sherry and let your creative juices flow!*

N.B. If buying two letters for siblings, different letters are available. 

We advise parents to read their children's letters when they receive them so that any issues can be swiftly resolved.

SPECIAL NOTICE FROM GEOFFREY ELF - please read before ordering: 
Dear Gift Giver,  
We held the Scribe Olympics at the North Pole in February and 3 elves were victoriously in their categories; looping, slanting and italics. These 3 champions have been rigorous training for the last 9 months perfecting your little ones letters. 
Please note that for 2018 you could get one of these 3 special handwriting styles. We feel all are in keeping with our Polar Post style and most importantly all have been approved by the Big Man!
We hope you understand that we are unable to take request for a specific style. 
All the very best





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