Letter from The Easter Bunny


What better way to announce the beginning of the Easter Egg Hunt than with a letter from that most magical and mysterious of rabbits, The Easter Bunny! 

All envelopes will be scribed by our bunnies at The Burrow and then stamped and franked with the all-important Easter seals. 

In his letter the Easter Bunny recounts his adventures as he hop, hop, hops through the countryside leaving his trail of shiny eggs for children to find. 

Please note: the letter from the Easter Bunny is a set letter, we cannot accommodate any personalisation to its contents. It is best given to children on Easter Sunday just before the grand Egg Hunt gets under way. 

Addresses don’t have to be literal but please  limit envelope addresses to 12 words to allow the scribing bunnies to comfortably fit everything in.

There is just one version of the Easter Bunny letter.

Letterhead and stamp illustration from the Molly Brett archive. Bunny franks designed by Claire Fletcher. 

Shipping within the UK only

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