Letter from The Easter Bunny


What better way to announce the beginning of the Easter Egg Hunt than with a letter from that most magical and mysterious of rabbits, The Easter Bunny! 

This year the Easter Bunny has announced that there is to be a ball at The Faraway Fields to celebrate the return of Spring! As the bunnies prepare by baking and decorating their burrows, the Easter Bunny invites children to think of a wish so that he can tie a ribbon on the old oak tree for them on Easter Sunday. Who know maybe it will come true!

All envelopes will be scribed by our bunnies at The Burrow and then stamped and franked with the all-important Easter seals. 

It is best given to children on Easter Sunday just before the grand Egg Hunt gets under way. 

Letterhead, envelope and stamp illustrations by Claire Fletcher. 

ⓘ International Orders are now closed so that the bunnies can ensure everything arrives in good time for Easter.

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