The Secret Door by Father Christmas Illustrated by Claire Fletcher


Have you ever been out walking before and thought you saw, out of the corner of your eye a secret door perhaps hidden in a tree trunk or in among the rocks? Well this story is about what happens when a little troop of children find such a door and decide to go through it. 

They find themselves on a strange, enchanted shore and are whisked off on an adventure, guided by the brave souls who call this land home. But the children still have no idea where they are and when they look to their new friends for guidance they come to understand that not every door needs to be opened, sometimes you just need to believe.

Claire Fletcher is renowned for her whimsical and magical style. Little wonder Father Christmas enlisted her help in creating this very special book. Her illustrations pull children and adults alike into a world where penguins and polar bears walk by our side.

Suitable for ages 0 to 99 years old

Published by Tiddlywinks the Elf. Printed at the North Pole.

Hardback, 32 pages, dimensions 139 x 171mm

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