The Great Fly-By Poster (Midnight Tonight)


The world has asked its children to do something quite extraordinary during the last few months. Every child has responded with bravery and determination, humour and imagination. Father Christmas is quite rightly proud of every single last one of them.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions and that is why Father Christmas is going to be attempting something on Midsummer's Eve that he has never ever done before. He is going to attempt to fly his sleigh, pulled by his eight reindeer to perform a historic fly-by so that the children of the world are in no doubt that he is with them. Now. Always. 

There are those who say that it cannot be done, that Santa's magic only works on Christmas Eve. But Father Christmas believes, and as we all know, anything is possible so long as you believe

Please join us in supporting this huge undertaking by pinning up our Fly-By posters and letting other children know that now, is indeed the time for magic. 

Available as an A3 print, dimensions 297mm x 420mm. Printed on Tintoretto Neve 280gsm

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