Brambly Hedge Winter Story by Jill Barkem


Brambly Hedge Winter Story by Jill Barkem

This year's Elf Book Club winner - Brambly Hedge allows you to step into the exquisite miniature world of the mice in this beautiful new edition of the classic picture book.

A helpful little synopsis by Barnaby, the book corner elf

It was the middle of winter and very, very cold. The mice of Brambly Hedge forecasted snow.

And they were right. In the morning they awoke to find their doors and windows hidden behind deep drifts. There hadn't been snow like this for years. "There's enough for a Snow Ball!" cried the mice with glee, and set to work in the time-honoured way to make an Ice Hall for the festivities. The little mice watched wide-eyed as all the preparations were made.

Then at last everything was ready, and the Ball could begin…


32 pages

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